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The Dueler's Guild is Under Beta Test - Buy WoW Gear at Raiditem

  • 2018-07-06 16:37:10
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Before Battle for Azeroth's finally coming in August, many new features continue to be unveiled. Players will be able to take part in a number of PvP activities including the brand new 1v1 Dueler's Guild. Raiditem.com has already introduced War Mode and PvP talents added in beta test period. If you are loyal WoW fans, and don't want to miss Dueler's Guild, follow best WoW gear seller to have a look.

Players will be able to queue for Dueler's Guild from their respective faction cities of Boralus or Zuldazar and then head into battle against a single opponent in a fight to the death.

To our surprise, this time German fansite Vanion take another new feature - Dueler's Guild! If you are not familar with it, just search the items in WoW head. And Blizzard teased this possible PvP feature a few weeks ago. If test goes well, you are sure to see Dueler's Guild in BFA.

Located in Zuldazar to the west of the Zandalar capital, the Dueler's Arena has a lot of target dummies with Alliance faces, as well as a lot of Aspiring Duelists. The interesting part of this arena, however, comes when you talk to one of the Rastari Guards with War Mode enabled: You can queue for duels in the Zandalar arena!

From the current testing situation, the queue does not seem to work at all. However, It is still under test so that Blizzard will spend more time fixing it to make sure it can work smoothly. There are no indication that there is any sort of reward for participating in the Dueler's Guild. This is also currently a Horde-only feature, as Alliance members are unfriendly to the Rastari Guards, even with War Mode enabled.

And good news is that environmental details like Fight Spectator NPCs added to offer a place for Dueler's Guild. Raiditem will keep close eyes on BFA's beta test and try our best to give you more details. There is still enough time to get prepared for upcoming version. Just buy WoW gear and WoW gold at raiditem.com. Besides, we also offer cheap WoW mounts with safe guarantee.

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