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WoW Fans May Say Goodbye to Artifact Weapons When BFA Arrives

  • 2018-06-27 18:07:56
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We all know that World of Warcraft's seventh expansion will launch on August 14 with plenty of new features. Wite time going by, it seems that we have to say goodbye to glorious weapons. Once BFA comes soon, they will be useless. So don't miss any chance to buy WoW mounts at best WoW shop - raiditem.com. Before BFA's arriving, Legion still deserves our trying.

If you're not up to speed on Warcraft's story, when players defeat Sargeras in the latest raid, he plunges a continent-sized sword into the planet, which makes for a pretty awesome cutscene. it is obvious that this sword makes great sense for the storyline in Battle for Azeroth.

Players who venture to Silithus will "destabilize" their artifact weapons, granting them a temporary boost in power but also setting the stage for them to be retired when the Battle for Azeroth pre-expansion patch launches. And if that finally happens, the powerful traits will be deducted though you still own the artifact weapon.

As we said, Blizzard is phasing something for new WoW expansion, and the artifact weapons are just one of these things. It is reported that The Mage's Tower on the Broken Shore will now be active 24/7 so players can beat its trial and unlock that oh-so-cool unique artifact weapon skin.

In addition you should know that there are just few weeks left for you to earn WoW mounts dropping from the current raid. Once Battle for Azeroth arrives, achievements will be turned into Feast of Strength. Surely, your loyal partner is always here to offer cheap WoW mounts with much cheap price and extra bonus. Are you expecting BFA? Like to know your answers.

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