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World of Warcraft Enters the Real World of WoW Fans

  • 2018-05-03 16:55:22
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World of Warcraft has accompanied us over ten years, but we seldom approach to this game face to face. Luckily, this time fans get a good chance to see WoW appearing in real life as the game goes offline to Czech forest. Today raiditem.com will introduce how this phenomenon happen. Surely, you can still buy cheap WoW items at best WoW gold store with 100% safety guarantee.

Czech web developer Vojtech Ruzicka ditched his laptop and urban Prague lifestyle and decamped to the forest dressed as a blue-faced shaman for a World of Warcraft re-enactment game.

The 26-year-old was one of around 150 people who took part in a two-day live-action battle between orcs, elves, knights and other fantasy characters from the online role-playing game that has become a cultural phenomenon since launching in 2004.

Ruzicka designed and made his own fur-lined flowing gowns, decorated with skulls. To complete his costume, he painted his face blue and dyed his beard a glowing orange before taking his place in the forest as the Azeroth fighters defended their planet against the Burning Legion.

The event, which concluded on Sunday at Kamyk nad Vltavou, 70 kilometres (40 miles) south of Prague, has been going for 16 years.

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