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How Will Warfronts Work in Battle for Azeroth

  • 2018-04-13 18:09:15
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Battle for Azeroth will increase you a bunch of new features and items. One of the biggest feature are Warfronts. Game director Ion Hazzikostas has unveiled some info on Warfronts. Warfronts are 20-player PvE missions that mimic a real-time strategy game, inspired by Warcraft 3. However, in Warfronts of Battle for Azeroth, lead the charge and swing the battle in your faction’s favor. If you want to know more about Battle for Azeroth, keep close on raiditem.com!
The first of these Warfronts will be Stromgarde Keep in the Arathi Highlands, an old Vanilla WoW zone. The mission will rotate between Alliance and Horde. Hazzikostas gave an example: The Alliance would start out holding Stromgarde when the expansion launched. After Horde players turned in enough resources to their faction leaders, they would launch a Warfront.

Over the next week or so, Horde players would then be able to jump into the activity and reap the rewards. Once the Warfront ended, the Horde would be victorious in their conquest and hold the zone. When the Alliance players gathered enough war supplies, just like the Horde did, they would launch a counter Warfront, which would also be available for about a week. 

He made it clear that launching a warfront is as good as winning one. Because the activity is PvE and not PvP, there is no failure state. In some ways, this system seems very similar to the Broken Shore buildings in patch 7.2 of World of Warcraft: Legion. Players would gather supplies and turn them in to build a specific building. Each building would have different activities and bonuses, but would only last for a few days before being destroyed. There would then be a cooldown period before it could be built again.

According to Hazzikostas, the devs team is still trying to determine the rewards for Warfronts and for holding the zones. Although we have not got so much info about Warfront, things will getting a little more clear when they go up for Alpha in few weeks. That means some of players are able to experience the Warfronts in advance.

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