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Confirmed: Remote Auction House Disabled From April 18

  • 2018-04-12 15:29:54
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 According to the Community manager Ythisens, they will discontinue the Remote Auction after April 18 because that only 1% of community uses the Remote Auction House on a regular basis and service. That means from April 18, you will not buy or sell items through the official website or the WoW Armory App. However, community website, API and raiditem remain unaffected. We are selling the largest selection of WoW items you need. If you want boost your power, remember to select Raiditem.com to find all you need in WoW game. 

Here is the original post quoted from the official website:
 “The WoW Remote Auction House will be deactivated on April 18, 2018. On that date, you will no longer be able to view Auction House listings or make Auction House transactions through the official WoW website or the WoW Armory app, and all links will be removed from our website. After April 18, you’ll still be able to use the WoW Armory app for all other purposes, including accessing your character profiles, talent calculators, event calendars, and more.

API & Community Sites Unaffected
Some World of Warcraft community sites make use of Blizzard’s API to access Auction House–related data, and we will continue to support for that. If you regularly visit a site that accesses data from the Auction House to keep an eye on the price of fish, you (and they) can continue to do so after April 18. Carry on fish-watching to your heart’s content.

Azeroth Auctioneers Need You
In the meantime, eager auctioneers all over Azeroth are still available and conducting business as usual, so seek them out for all of your Auction House needs. Time is money, friend!”
The Remote Auction House will retire starting April 18.

“The Web/Mobile Auction had a lot more issues with keeping it up than it was really worth for the small amount of players that actually used it. Trying to tackle and fix those issues (for transparency the majority were just exploits) just takes dev time away from working on new content. While it may change in the future, we currently at this time aren't planning to bring this back. 

Because they need to show investors that people are still logging into the game.

If you really, truly believe us deprecating the mobile Auction House, which was used by the tiniest fraction of a single percent of the community, has anything to do with the health of the game, then I don't think we're ever going to be able to see eye to eye on much.”

Due to the low popularity, the community manager announced that Remote Auction House will not come back anymore. Fore those who want to buy WoW items, WoW gold and WoW mounts or other things in World of Warcraft game, raiditem.com is definitely an ideal site. You are going to enjoy low price and fastest delivery! Try now!

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