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World of Warcraft: Leveling the New Old-Fashioned Way - Pros & Woes

  • 2018-03-30 17:50:19
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World of Warcraft was released by Blizzard in 2014 for the first time. And it has existed for 14 years. And it's had multiple expansions added that make the prospect of leveling to 110 for a new player a daunting experience. If you like to read the news that raiditem.com share everyday, you must know that changed with pre-Legion zones scaling up from 7.3.5, Meanwhile, if you are looking for a professional site to get WoW boost, our site must be your best choice.

New Leveling Experience Pros
As a completionist wannabe, the addition of Allied Races and the new heritage armors alongside the revamped leveling experience seemed like the perfect way to go. The slower pace of leveling experience feels pretty great. The flexibility to move from zone to zone to level. In this case to the Barrens to learn more about the events at Camp Taurajo and Theramore. Later, it was off to Stranglethorn to revisit the Trolls.

New Leveling Experience Woes
Most glaringly, it is in this new leveling path that you will quickly discovered how disastrously awful the pruning over the past couple of expansions has made many classes feel. It didn't take long to realize how integral Legion's artifacts are to "decent” gameplay. In fact, the three primary abilities at level 40 are the same ones using on my current Legion Monk at level 110. Of course, there are a few gaps here and there, but overall, the ability rotation is the exactly the same and will be the same with minor additions for the next seventy levels.

What it all comes down to is that leveling should make you feel stronger but, in all honesty, the way it is now, you simply don't. Leveling in these agnostic zones that can be played through for 50 levels means that monsters and enemies essentially level with you.  It effectively means that it takes as long to kill them five levels later as it did when you first entered the area.

So, there you have a few thoughts about the "new old fashioned" way to level fresh toons in World of Warcraft. Do you feel differently? As your best WoW gold site, raiditem hope to hear your answers. March is coming to an end and the Easter Day is Coming. Wish all off you a happy Easter Day. Don't forget to buy cheap WoW items at our site. Raiditem never let you down!

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