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Have a Early Look at WoW Mounts in Battle for Azeroth

  • 2018-03-13 18:09:16
  • Battle for Azeroth
  • WoW mounts
  • WoW gold
  • Raiditem

WoW mounts can provide players with real benefits, upgrade the characters’ power, and let players to travel in style. According to some eagle-eyed dataminer, there will be some new featured WoW mounts coming to the upcoming expansion, Battle for Azeroth. For those who are interested, you can head on over to the wow mounts preview to check them out. This post will give you a preview of each of them. Do you want to add some rare WoW mounts to your collection? Raiditem supplies you with a wide range of cheap WoW mounts
The first of the new mounts is a Basilisk, or rather, the Vicious War Basilisk that can serve as a PvP mount. Since it is a PvP mount, it has been designed for battle, and it also looks capable of piling on the damage as well.

The second one  is the Brutosaur mount, and what is really worth noting about this one is that could work as a multi-passenger mount inside the game. Perhaps groups of players can use this primarily so that they will not get separated from one another whenever they are on the move.

Frog mounts appear capable of hosting only one player, but that lucky rider should be able to enjoy one exciting journey.

Hyena mounts look vicious and they should be able to take players from point A to point B pretty quickly. An added bonus of going with the Hyena mount is that it will likely feature a pretty cool howling animation inside "World of Warcraft."

Some new flying mounts will also be made available to players, including the colorful Parrots and the mean-looking Vultures. There is also a Proto-Drake mount that is set to be added, and they will be available to Gladiators.

Last up, the Direwolf mount has also been discovered, though it appears this particular addition will be a special mount for the Mag'har Orc Allied Race.

We believe that many of you are eager to raid these mounts as soon as Battle for Azeroth goes alive before September 21. Besides. There will be more updates for Battle for Azeroth to be unveiled in the future. Please keep an eye on Raiditem.com to get the latest update, guide, tips and tricks. More than that, we suggest you buy WoW gold, raid service, WoW power leveling and more WoW items from raiditem to enjoy the best service and lowest price. 

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