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Battle for Azeroth: Upright Orcs are Standing Up

  • 2018-03-12 18:45:45
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World of Warcraft’s Orcs have always had the slouch so they lose a few feet from their true height. The NPC orcs like Trall standing tall and proud over the past few years. So the players who play orcs have wanted the same for their character. Good news is that in Battle for Azeroth, the orcs will stand up. Players will have the option to make fix the original unsightly hunch. For further info, keep close here. Raiditem.com is the most professional site supplying you with latest news as well as cheap WoW gold and WoW mounts for sale. Don’t miss them.

According to WoWhead datamining, some customization options for upright orcs are available on the PTR, alongside the Mag’har orcs. These orcs now stand tall, giving them a much bigger profile overall.

 If you already have an orc character, youll be able to change their posture by simply heading to a stylist in any of the capital cities. There, you can pay a small amount of WoW gold to reshape your posture, just like you would with a haircut. Your Orc no longer has to slouch. They can stand tall and proud.

 So far, it is not clear then the change will come to orcs. Battle for Azeroth will come in the end summer of 2018, so it is safe to predict that the customization option will be available at that time. So do you want to see your upright orcs? Tell us about it! More than that, you can buy WoW gold, WoW mounts, and best WoW power leveling service from raiditem.com at the most competitive price. 

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