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Back in 2005 and See World of Warcraft's Notable Ganker - Angwe

  • 2017-12-26 14:52:40
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World of Warcraft is a game characterized by larger than life characters. Sargeras, Velen, Sylvanas—the list of its heroes and villains goes on and on. raiditem.com has ever analyzed some characters' typical features, but for a game about players killing gods and becoming heroes of Azeroth, we seldom mention the notable. After a long time to search and collect the WoW's ladies and men, here we get one to fill the gap. The discovery may shock you when you buy wow carry and read the news at raiditem.

His name is Angwe, and in 2005 he was World of Warcraft's ganking god. For four months during that year, Angwe set up camp in Menethil and slaughtered hundreds of players for eight hours each and every goddamn day. Using stealth, he could slip past the guards undetected while players waited for the boats that would whisk them across the sea to Kalimdor. Then he would strike.

Being one of the only ways to move between Kalimdor and Azeroth, Menethil Harbor was a bottleneck that nearly every player had to pass through at least once. And when they did, Angwe would be waiting. Even entire guilds rallied to bring him down. It was a ceaseless bloodbath that has become one of Warcraft's few player-made legends.

Back in 2005, before going to college, Angwe was the living embodiment of the griefer from "Make Love, Not Warcraft," South Park's famous satire of World of Warcraft. It wasn't good enough that he would kill you. Angwe would screenshot your tantrum and post it on his website to shame you even further.

It's the decade-old legacy of one player who decided not to raid or do dungeons like a normal person, but to murder anyone who dared step foot in the most popular port in all of World of Warcraft. How does someone become so ruthless you ask?

World of Warcraft's Alliance and Horde factions are separated by a language barrier, so Angwe created an Alliance character and would play on two computers. When he was done killing, he'd use 'Angwespy' to message his victims and capture their tantrums. But Angwe wasn't just good at trolling. During his tenure as Menethil's reaper, he was also one of Warcraft's best PVPers.

Though today's World of Warcraft system is upgraded so much and the story like Angwe's are not likly to take place than 2005, we still feel some humorous points when we thinks about him. At least for part of wow boe gear customers at our site, that make their boring life more interesting. Read the hot news about WoW or buy rs 3 items cheap and fast at raiditem.com. We never let you down!

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