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WoW Hotfixes Update for December 6th - Raiditem

  • 2017-12-08 16:21:25
  • Raiditem
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According the World of Warcraft official community website, the latest round of hotfixes for WoW is live. Compared with previous batch of hotfixes, this round is pretty smaller. It focuses on bug fixes for DH's Nemesis, set bonuses for Resto Druids and Arms Warriors, as well as Warlock PvP changes. Read the original post in the following part, and don’t forget to buy wow boe gears with lower price at raiditem. Antorus is now live, and you will have a bunch of things to complete, so come to raiditem to get the WoW items you are looking for.



Demon Hunter


Fixed an issue where  Nemesis was applying at half duration against some creatures.




The Bearmantle Battlegear 2-piece set bonus healing effect  Dreamer now correctly interacts with  Flourish and the  Essence of G'Hanir.




The Juggernaut Battlegear 2-piece set bonus now properly activates if the Artifact ability  Warbringer applies Colossus Smash to any targets.


Player versus Player


 Grimoire of Service summons can no longer be cast while silenced.


 Call Felhunter is now in the Shadow school (was incorrectly in Physical school).”


You can head on over to the official website to get the full list of WoW hotfixes in this month. In addition, raiditem.com is here to offer you the cheapest World of Warcraft related products including WoW items, WoW gold, WoW mounts and other top service to help you speed up your progression. 100% safety and fast delivery are guaranteed for every customer at raiditem. Meanwhile, you also have access to a wide selection of Path of Exile items for sale. Don’t hesitate to have a try.

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