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Antorus Raid Goes live, US-based Guilds May Get Few Bosses Down

  • 2017-12-06 18:45:40
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The final raid of World of Warcraft's extremely successful Legion expansion is now live, and the hardest difficulty unlocked today - tomorrow for EU. If you like read articles that raiditem.com release, you know the Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne progress race, the competition between the world's best guilds to be the first to beat each boss has begun. No doubt that cheap wow boe gear is still necessary all the time when you play WoW. And what you should note is that the in-game dungeon journal has been live since patch 7.3 hit the servers, and it'll likely be enough to run you through normal if you prefer the no-spoilers approach.

For the future of World of Warcraft, here's the Battle for Azeroth release date and everything else. For a long time the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde has been ignored in favor of dealing with external threats, like the Burning Legion. World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth promises to reignite the conflict between the Alliance and Horde in exciting new ways.

With the raid only available on the US realms, it's expected that US-based guilds will get the first few bosses down, and several are already. Raider.io and Method.gg do a good job tracking everything, with the former being purely the data while Method will give you a lot more context and explanation.

Expected to win the race is Method themselves, as the most dedicated guild in the world and the ones who won the last progress race for the Tomb of Sargeras raid. While there are other guilds who put serious time and effort into the game, Method are in a tier of their own at the end of the expansion. Unlike the start of the expansion, streaming Mythic progression is now very common. While writing this I have Big Dumb Guild's Polywag, a Mage player, in the background. They're currently in second place behind Limit. Check the World of Warcraft page for more streams from various folks.

With five bosses down it's edging up on being a pretty fast and easy race. However, the start of every raid always looks like it's going to be disappointing until the guilds start running into road blocks, like Avatar of Sargeras or Kil'jaeden in the previous raid. After the overtuning - extreme difficulty, that is - of those encounters last time, it's predicted that Antorus is meant to be a little easier. Either way, the secret phases of the last boss, Argus, will take quite a lot of work before anyone gets them down.

This won't be the final patch of Legion, but 7.3.2 does set the stage for the transition into the events of Battle for Azeroth. Without spoiling too much, the final fight against Argus has consequences in a certain zone back on Azeroth.

You can spoil what happens here, if you like. This will eventually be the setting for the new battleground which should be coming later and acts as a prologue to the greater conflict in Battle for Azeroth. Raiditem would like to update our price for wow raid carry and service for wow boost to meet your needs better. Last but not least, you are welcomed to look through more guides about how to enter Battle for Azeroth at Raiditem.com.

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