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In-Game Virtual WOW Gold Is Now Twice Valuable Than Venezuela Currency

  • 2017-08-08 18:11:32
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Previously, the Venezuela Currency was reported to drop its market value due to some political or economic reasons. Its worth is even lower than World of Warcraft Gold in game. Countries in recession, or facing UN sanctions can cause native currency's real value dropping down. Does it mean that the game currency like wow gold will be evaluated in a higher standard? But what happens when Venezuela Currency becomes less valuable than trivial online game tokens?

That's what Raiditem would like to talk about today. Also, now safe wow gold make its position virtual world even higher. That sad things just happened with Venezuela's bolivar, which is currently worth less than fake gold in Azeroth, the virtual world in which the World of Warcraft game universe is set.

"KalebPrime", a Twitter user who claims to be a Venezuelan citizen, pointed out earlier in July that the black market value of the bolivar (widely regarded to be the favourite place for locals to exchange their currency) had fallen below the worth of Warcraft's in-game gold.

And the same thing happen again, Warcraft Gold twice times valuable than the Venezuelan Bolivar.

Even that, things seemingy get worse and worse than that of beginning with the bolivar slipping to 12,197 per US dollar. Compare that to WoW tokens, the company's official game currency that you can buy for $20 in real cash or with a fluctuating amount of in-game gold. As of Monday morning, one token costs 138,391 gold pieces, which means one dollar is equivalent to 6919.55 in-game gold pieces.

Simply put, Warcraft's virtual currency is worth slightly less than half of the Venezuelan bolivar. That's unless you take into account the official government exchange rate, which is 9.99 bolivar to one dollar. However, don't think it is a great chance to invest more to earn money.The local gov will take some measures to stop the over exchange in black market. Read on more wow news or warcraft items tips, come to Raiditem.com!

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