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VR Applied,Color-Shifting Mount & Pet Bundle Joins WoW!

  • 2017-08-03 21:57:55
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As usual, Raiditem will be your best provider when you come to buy cheap wow legion mounts. After some notes for patch 7.3, what should we know about World of Warcraft:Legion? Twilight and the Luminous Starseeker, a pet and mount combination pack, have arrived in the Blizzard Shop or the in-game shop for $30. Besides, Blizzard has been confirmed to make VR applied to games.

Don't hope that color-shifting mount can be available to multiple MMOs. You can save you money and just decide to buy wow cheap gold as this type of mount can be used only in World of Warcraft. This dynamic duo is special in that they are color-shifters. Twilight is a cute kitten companion that changes color at will while the Luminious Starseeker is a mount that shifts in energies including fel, void and other mysterious themed colors.

Then, are you curious about the VR in WoW? Blizzard has given no hint that they would be interested in doing anything with VR so far, so this is a project that will be watched closely by VR and WoW fans alike. Unfortunately, given Blizzard penchant of shutting down fan projects that use its IPs, such as vanilla WoW servers, this could easily get shut down any time, especially if it becomes more popular.

Four versions are currently available for download, the Stormwind walkthough and a keyboard version for use without a controller, the Dalaran walkthrough as well as an Orgrimmar walkthrough. It was created for Vive, and Puffycheeks said he is unsure if it will work with Oculus. He also said that you need a beefy PC to run it, although he didn't give specs, so be warned.

And as a final tease of just how awesome this looks and the scale you get, he even posted a video of the ending of the Tomb of Sargeras raid and a look at how massive Kil'jaeden is in VR. This is a spoiler, so use this as a disclaimer before you click.

The above content is all about nrw mount and bundles coming to Blizzard shop as well as the Blizzard's dream of distributing MMO games in VR field. Just keep your eyes on wow legion items for sale on Raiditem.Though it's hard to predict how VR will be combined with game industry properly, it's an extraordinary as VR is widely applied to all sorts of businesses.

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