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What's Next for Azeroth after World of Warcraft:Legion?

  • 2017-08-02 18:15:48
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With the coming of more and more notes about patch 7.3, the legendary chapter of the current world of warcraft: Legion comes tolose its aureole  though it is still followed by millions of players.The fact lies in that wow players will turn round once the v7.3 update hits. But you always need warcraft items whether the game will inherit its tradition or not. And Raiditem.com will be your best service!

it is likely that this heralds the conclusion of Legion and the possible announcement of the next expansion at Blizzcon. Raiditem will take you to unlock new features for Azeroth WoW. Meanwhile safe wow gold is offered here.

Home World of the Burning Legion:
Seemingly that, the Legion expansion will come to close as the trip to the home world of the Burning Legion is around the corner. No doubt that the force of Azeroth will have a say in Sargeras's "future"-or lack of one. 
Some people are expecting that this year's Gamescom will see another expansion announcement. However, unlikely given that 7.3 is still on the PTR without a launch date in sight. 

There is still no enough time for convention even if Argus will be released more previously than Gamescom. In stead, what developers can ami at is just the existed game version. 

So if Legion's "Shut Down", What's other possibility?
Though some game agencies are unwilling to admit that WoW's Azeroth gets major threats from The Burning Legion, they do hope there will be less threat in the future. So what's next? Is there anything original The most popular scenario is that we'll be chasing down the Old Gods -- another force that has been present in WoW from the start and another group of creatures that has a significantly negative effect on Azeroth. 

Of course, more pretty cool things are contained in the current version of PTR. From another angle, reappearance of Jaina Proudmoore brought may receive great influence from Old Gods. Though it's unclear that how World of Warcraft will be changed, Raiditem will provide wow gold cheap and accompany all players to spend the best wow days!

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