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Players come to celebrate exciting features of WoW's Big Update

  • 2017-07-17 18:55:45
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Before the patch 7.3 falls on and becomes available for players, the World of Warcraft:Legion is likely the final major update and will take up the game market for a long time. Things are very distinguished from that in the past as the players will make an interstellar journey to the eredar homeworld of Argus. Patch 7.3 won't take several months to excite players again. Just prepare enough wow gold for it! And during the wait, a good chunk of it is playable on WoW's PTR server.

Remember that Raiditem always moves loyal customers by patient wow gear service. And you should also understand that Argus would take us more surprise far beyond that in the new raid.

The Journey to Argus at Blizzard:
Blizzard first announced the journey to Argus at Blizzcon 2016. And the three playable zones are contained. Among so many predictions, Argus obviously grab the most attention. Someone believes that it seems the biggest addition to WoW after Legion's launch last year.

As the two planets sit in closer place, the power's expansion finally lead to invasion. The forces of Azeroth launch an invasion of their own on the eredar homeworld to stop the Legion once and for all. Using the Vindicaar, a dranei spaceship, players will travel to Argus and quest through the three new zones in what Blizzard is describing as "a very story-driven update." We are easy to see the differences between the primary update of patch 7.2 and the upcoming update. Argus will come to feature a large number of the cutscanes and story-driven quests.

The Only Zone Appears in PTR:
On PTR, there is only one zone at least at present. And that is Argus which is a seared and battered place. From Argus, players can obtain a fantastic view of Azeroth from space. You are not allowed to use personal flying mounts. That is to say, the whole exploration is finished on foot. Luckily, you can take a spaceship to arrive in Argus. According to the Blizzard, they have a preference for regular flights. But the unexpected travel can be unlocked with your adventures forwarding into different zones.

Although we are not clear whether there will be other activities or not, we are sure to face unique quests and world-class bosses on Argus. Also, the Artifact knowledge is said to be an automated process. Besides, we welcome you to farm wow buy gear and wow carry with low price and professional service. For further tweaks about the big update, time will tell everything.

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