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Meatball Totem Build - Chieftain(Standard)

  • 1. We will help you get the gears for Meatball Totem Build.
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  • 3. Your character's level should be 70+.
  • 4. ETA: 2-48 Hrs.

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If you looking for that build, you know the one that can run all map mods regardless of combination on all tiers. Survive those moments when something epic happens on Game of Thrones and you aren't watching. Do almost all of the content the game has on offer without having to farm some 40ex worth of gear on some boring meta build? Welcome to this build guide, Meatball/Firestorm Totem!
My aim is to make this something players who are new to Path of Exile can understand and enjoy whilst also giving veterans (or rabid totem fanatics like myself) something to sink their teeth into and bounce feedback off of. I have been looting and murdering in Wraeclast since beta and have always loved totems, finding ways to keep them competitive without sticking to the FOTM is always a challenge! But through thousands of hours of experimentation I have found a totem build that doesn't have to sacrifice survivability in favour of crit to scale into late game like most totem builds (and no this is not pizza sticks). Instead we abuse the wonderful mechanic known as "overlap" which will be explained as we delve deeper into the depths of this guide, enjoy!

Firestorm vs Magma Orb
Firestorm and Magma Orb are completely interchangeable without making changes to the passive tree or gear.
I am currently experimenting with Firestorm and am finding that it's clear speed as a whole is slower than Magma Orb but it's leech and ability to survive breaches with crazy map mods is better. It's single target pulls ahead of Magma Orb on Bosses with little to no movement, Magma Orb pulls way ahead on high movement fights.
Pros and Cons:


+ Very tanky via leech

+ 5.5k MINIMUM health with a Tabula/SotL
+ VERY budget
+ Easy to play
+ Totems taunt
+ Immune to reflect
+ Can run EVERY map mod
+ Solo Self Found viable
+ HC safe!


- Will not "melt" bosses

- Totems are not for everyone (passive playstyle)
- Uber lab required for leech (may struggle past T11 without it)
- Hard to 4 or 5 key Uber Lab due to totems melting the whole screen
- People will ask why you aren't just playing Warchief totems

- Not Shaper viable

Leveling Skill Trees:

Level 90 Tree

This tree is what I used to reach the whopping required 212 intellect for Apep's Rage wand (which is a great option to dual wielded until you find something better and earn enough currency for a Tukohama's Fortress)
Keep in mind that while you have sacrificed HP and resists, you can afford to be under the resist cap as your Totems taunt and you are completely mobile during encounters with packs and bosses. The dps from Apep's for 1 alch each is ridiculous and more than enough until something better drops, gets crafted or purchased.
Leveling is very very easy. I generally start a Templar, get magma orb from town then buy 7 (find some wisdom's ofc) then mule them to start levelling them right away in order to lessen the cost of a 21/20 gem later. Put on your lifesprigs or craft a +1 fire wand/sceptre (Magic wand + Ruby ring + Orb of Alteration) and level with Flame totem and Firestorm until you have grabbed Lesser Multiple Projectiles (Ranger, Shadow, Duelist or Scion after Prison) and Ancestral Bond Key Stone. AFter that you drop the totems, the things die and you win! :D
Rush for Tukohama, War's Herald to make you reflect immune (it will also completely trivialise the fire breach) and then Hinekora, Death's Fury. Keep in mind that without Hinekora, Death's fury you will more than likely struggle past T11 as that is our only source of leech.
Alira: 5 mana regeneration/sec, 20% critical strike multiplier, 15% all elemental res
Kraityn: is 6% increased attack speed /Increased cast speed / 3% attack dodge / 6% Movement speed
Oak: is 1% life regeneration/second, 2% physical damage reduction, 20% increased physical damage
Eramir: 2 passive points
In my opinion the most beneficial is absolutely the 2 skill points.
Inevitability gives us an extra orb for each jewel (try to at least run 2), each time our totem casts which will result in our overlap.    
Clear Mind is by no means required, but again, for something so cheap ranging from 40-60% increased damage for 1 point (we are already pathing to the Scion health cluster) it's too good to really pass up if you arent SSF.    
As with the tree, your choice in jewel depends entirely on what you feel you need and the current state of your gear.
If you need more defences get something with health and resists. Use the slot to reach the required int for wands or dex for gems. Or simply stack damage via Increased Fire Damage, Spell Damage, Totem Damage, Area Damage or Projectile damage.


Pretty straight forward because our Totems taunt and leech for us. Also we are completely mobile while our totems do their thing.

But defensive gem set ups look something like:
3L - Enduring Cry + Inc Aoe + Inc Duration (In either your MH or OH)

4L - Chaos Golem/Stone Golem (Do you need the phys reduction or the life regen?) + Immortal Call + CWDT + Increased Duration (Helm, Boots or Gloves)


A very basic flask set up. Seething Hallowed of Staunching is pretty much manditory, we use a Seething Hallowed because it is by far the best instant health flask option in the game due to it's charge usage and generation.

You'll notice I only use one health flask, it's a set up I am comfortable with because I can't live without at least one Quicksilver and Atziri's Promise is too much dps to say no to . The Rumi's is just an upgrade on a standard granite, which I recommend using as our totems benefit from the armour as well and the Basalt is just by far the best phys reduction.
You could absolutely swap out Atziri's (Once you have Xoph's remove Atziri's for another Health Flask) or the Quicksilver for a second health flask, either another Seething Hallowed with either Freeze or Hex Immunity or if you are looking for something to counter traps or heavy DOT damage, as we are Blood Magic we can make use of the Sapping prefix which provides a 40% increased Life Recovered but removes 10% of Life Recovered from Mana when used (which does not affect us).

Recommended Gears:


Tukohama's Fortress gives us a 3rd totem and greatly boosts our totems ability to survive high tier mapping. This shield is the most expensive part of the build should you choose to grab it.

PLEASE NOTE if you do not have a Tukohama's Fortress I highly recommend a 6L +2 Fire staff with a Kaom's Heart or high life/resists/armour chest.

Xoph's Blood Amber Amulet is a 10% more multiplier through reduction in enemy resistances coupled with a huge increase to our EHP and fire resistance. Considering Xoph is an absolute joke for us to farm this is an incredible addition to our build for little effort and cost!


Skin of the Loyal Simple Robe is not required by any means. It is essentially a +1 Tabula with 100% increased armour on it.


Apep's Rage Opal Wand is something I believe to be hugely undervalued. For around 1-2 alch you can give yourself a huge boost in dps, I dual wielded these before I had my current wand and Tuko's. The increase in cost doesn't really affect us with the Blood Magic Keystone. I have added a skill tree above with the required int for this item (taking into account you are using a high int neck).


Essence Worm coupled with the Anger aura will provide a substantial boost in DPS should you be able to maintain resistances and stat requirements.

5 out of 5 (190+ reviews)


Kindly Reminder:Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

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