Legionnaire - Rank 8(WoW Classic)

  • 1. You will get the title "Legionnaire", you can buy all Legionnaire Gears.
  • 2. You need to provide your account.
  • 3. Your character's level should be 60.
  • 4. ETA: 5-7 Weeks.
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Honor Ranks and Titles:
There are a total of 14 ranks for both factions. Each rank requires a minimum amount of Rating Points to be calculated every week, then calculated in comparison to other players on your server.
Each rank grants access to different rewards, from PvP consumables to Epic Mounts that do not require Epic Riding Skill and Epic pieces of gear at the highest ranks. Each rank is also applied to your character as a Title.
In Classic WoW, the Honor system will start being tracked in Phase 2. No PvP efforts before Phase 2 will count towards the Honor system, and will not be applicable for rankings for PvP titles.

Rank Rating Points Title (Alliance) Title (Horde) Rewards
1 At least 25 HKs Private Scout Private's Tabard
Scout's Tabard
2 2000 Rating Corporal Grunt PvP Trinkets:
Insignia of the Alliance
Insignia of the Horde
3 5000 Rating Sergeant Sergeant Blue-Quality Cloak:
Sergeant's Cape/Sergeant's Cloak
10% Discount on goods/repairs from your faction's NPCs
4 10000 Rating Master Sergeant Senior Sergeant Blue-Quality Necklace:
Master Sergeant's Insignia
Senior Sergeant's Insignia
5 15000 Rating Sergeant Major First Sergeant Blue-Quality Bracers
6 20000 Rating Knight Stone Guard Access to the officer's barracks
Knight's Colors
Stone Guard's Herald
Access to Combat Mana Potion/Combat Healing Potions
7 25000 Rating Knight-Lieutenant Blood Guard Rare-Quality Set Boots
Rare-Quality Set Gloves
8 30000 Rating Knight-Captain Legionnaire Rare-Quality Set Chest
Rare-Quality Set Legs
9 35000 Rating Knight-Champion Centurion Alliance Battle Standard
Horde Battle Standard
10 40000 Rating Lieutenant Commander Champion Rare-Quality Set Helm
Rare-Quality Set Shoulder
11 45000 Rating(1.4% of players) Commander Lieutenant General Access to PvP Epic Mounts
Ability to talk in the WorldDDefense Channel
12 50000 Rating Marshal General Epic-Quality Set Gloves
Epic-Quality Set Legs
Epic-Quality Set Boots
13 55000 Rating Field Marshal Warlord Epic-Quality Set Helm
Epic-Quality Set Chest
Epic-Quality Set Shoulders
14 60000 Rating (0.1% of players, usually only 1/week) Grand Marshal High Warlord Epic-Quality Weapons


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