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WoW Powerleveling - Garrisons Powerleveling - Followers' Level Powerleveling

  • Phylarch the Evergreen
      To get Phylarch the Evergreen you'll need a Level 3 Lumber Mill. To get the Tier 3 blueprints for your garrison buildings, you will have to complete Upgrading the Mill, which includes turning in 75 orders in the Lumber Mill and completing Reduction in Force and Legacy of the Ancients.
      After this, you'll be able to log Large Timbers. Logging them, you will have Phylarch to spawn 3 times before he "surrender" and join your side. It becomes one of your followers.

      1.You will get rare follower:Phylarch the Evergreen.
      2.You need to provide your account.
      3.Your character needs to be lvl 100.
  • 20 garrison followers level 90-100
      1. Raise 20 garrison followers to level 100.
      2. You need to provide your account.
      3. Estimated time: 1-15days.
  • 10 garrison followers level 90-100
      1.Raise 20 garrison followers to level 100.
      2.You need to provide your account.
      3.Estimated time: 1-5days.
  • garrison followers level 90-100
      1.Raise one garrison follower to level 100.
      2.You need to provide your account.
      3.Estimated time: 1-5days.
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