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Vicious Saddle

Vicious Saddle

1. Reach 1400 rating on 2v2, 3v3 or RBG,and Win 100 Arena (3v3/2v2) or 40 Rated Battlegrounds in BFA Season.
2. You will receive: Vicious Black Bonesteed(Horde) or Vicious Black Warsaber(Alliance).
3. You will get Vicious Saddle.
4. You need to provide your account.
5. Your character's level should be 120.
6. ETA: 1-2 Weeks.

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Vicious Saddle is added to the game on MOP Patch which can be used as currency for Vicious mounts, such as Vicious War Lion, Vicious War Scorpion, etc.
In Patch 7.2, add 6 new Vicious mounts. At the meanwhile, those Vicious mounts are bound with the battle.net. That is to say, that is no longer for a single character. This is a very conscientious to change it.
There are two ways to get the Vicious Saddle which all belongs to PVP:
1. 100 Arena Matches Wins(3v3).
2. 40 Rated Battleground Matches Wins.
After Patch 7.0, the PVP gears can not be purchased from the Quartermaster, and only obtained from World quests reward or PVP chest. You will obtain level 865-925 PVP gears and Artifact Power from the chest.
In addition to the Vicious Saddle, you can quickly upgrade the item level and get Artifact Power through these two ways.
Of course, you will get some Honor Points for Honor Level too. In all, it is very cost-effective.
Vicious Saddle will exchange a lot of mounts. With the faction changing, you will get the corresponding mounts.
How to choose, which is up to you. 

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Kindly Reminder:Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

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