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Timewarped Badge*5000

Timewarped Badge*5000

Item Name: Timewarped Badge
Timewarped Badge is dropped by killing boss from Timewalking Dungeon.
Timewarped Badge can be used to exchange mount, toy, gears and upgrade heirlooms, etc.

1. You will get Timewarped Badge*5000.
2. You need to provide your account.
3. Your character's level should be 100+.
4. ETA: 3-4 Weeks.

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Timewalking holidays allow players to queue up for old dungeons with their gear scaled down to provide more of a challenge! 
Timewalking Dungeon rotated every three weeks or so, and three Expansions take turns activating. In Timewalking Dungeon Event, players will get wow gears that relative with current levels and some Timewarped Badges. Killing every boss in Timewalking Dungeon may get rare drop mount: Reins of the Infinite Timereaver, which is personal loot. When completed five Timewalking dungeons and quest "A Frozen Path Through Time", you will reward an Iron Fleet Treasure Chest(Normal) and 500 Valor Points. Have a chance to get normal HFC gears from the chest. Each holiday has a different NPC with unique items. Killing bosses in timewalking dungeons will award Timewarped Badges, which can spend on wow mounts, toys, heirloom upgrades, reputation tokens, and more.
Because of Timewalking Dungeon don't need high item level,  So if you just have a new lvl100 character that you can queue up for dungeons, and will get 500 Timewarped Badges by complete a quest which dropped by the last boss in Timewalking dungeon. Using the 500 Timewarped Badges, you will buy some lvl675 gears from timewalking vendor. That will great help to upgrade item level. Besides, loot the random mount will be the biggest  surprise!

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