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Talon's Vengeance Exalted

Talon's Vengeance Exalted

1. Earn Exalted status with Talon's Vengeance.
2. You will get the title "%s, Talon's Vengeance" and the mount Ivory Hawkstrider.
3. You should finish the Falcosaur Mount Questline to Unlock Talon's Vengeance Faction.
4. You need to provide your account.
5. Your character's level should be 110.
6. ETA: 1-2 Months.

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Talon's Vengeance is a new PvP reputation added in Patch 7.1, which can get the title after earning Exalted status. Also, you can buy Ivory Hawkstrider from the Vendor.
Talon's Vengeance reputation is different from others, it needs to complete a series of quests to start. Falcosaur invasion will refresh the new pet daily quest. You can get four kinds of relative Falcosaur pets once completed the quest. Falcosaur will bring missions after summoning it out. And it will continue to offer World Quests when it's level at 25. Then you will gain the Falcosaur mount and Ultimate Battle-Training Stone. After Riding this mount, you can start this reputation when you find Aviana in Highmountain. 
Ivory Talon will  transform you to avenger of Aviana, which is similar to the Censer of Eternal Agony in Mists of Pandaria. Then you are hostile to all players, and killing players grants Marks of Prey. Can only be used in falcosaur and PvP World Quest areas. Mark of Prey will increase reputation with Talon's Vengeance by 100. It needs 420*Mark of Prey in total to get Exalted status. Also, Ivory Feather is available to purchase at Honored status instead of Ivory Talon. What's more, you can grant Marks of Prey, but it is in battleground or Arslan.
It is more interesting in the daily quest, are you ready?

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