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Return to Karazhan 1-9 Bosses Kill - US

Return to Karazhan 1-9 Bosses Kill - US

1. We will play your character to clear The Mythic: Return to Karazhan(Contain the hidden boss "Nightbane").
2. You will get some Level855-875 gears and achievement: Return to Karazhan.
3. You should Unlock The Return to Karazhan.
4. You need to provide your account. 
5. Your character's item level should be 840+. 
6. ETA: 1-3 Days. 

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Karazhan is an abandoned ancient tower located in Deadwind Pass. Karazhan is notable for its famous occupant, the last Guardian of Tirisfal, Medivh. From lvl70 raid(10 people)to lvl110 Mythic Dungeons(5 people),  Return to Karazhan, let us continue to fight against the legion's invasion.
Return to Karazhan is a huge dungeon available on Mythic difficulty and has nine bosses. Players will re-experience the raid when exploring in the game. This dungeon has mythic mode only, eight normal bosses and one hidden boss. It updates once a week. Players can challenge to gain new Spoils of War during this time. Opening new Karazhan need to complete a series quests, mostly focusing on Mythic dungeons. 
Old and new Karazhan will be accessible at the same time. Return to Karazhan has a mix of familiar faces and new bosses, including three new Opera Encounters. Most of the gear items will occur as gear or scene in the game. Also, you can get Moroes as a Class Hall Champion. The previous eight bosses will drop ilvl 855-860 gears. The final hidden boss Nightbane still need to complete all quests to activate. It will drop ilvl 875 loots, like trinkets, relics and more.
However, Attumen and Nightbane will drop mounts. Like Midnight's Eternal Reins and Smoldering Ember Wyrm drop from "Return to Karazhan."
Are you ready for the great reward?

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