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1. You will get Obliterum*10.
2. We will complete the delivery by meeting you in the game or send by in-game mail.
3. ETA: 2-24 hrs.

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Obliterum is a new item added in Legion, used to upgrade BOE items. It increases the item level of a crafted item by 5, up to 850 by seven times upgrading. Obliterum itself is trade-able, but BOE items which upgraded by Obliterum will become bound.
Legion also add a new Obliterum Forge, unlocked with a questline at level 110, will allow players to destroy their crafted gear and obtain Obliterum. You can speak to Vanessa Cyrus in Dalaran in district Magus Commerce Exchange to get questline Trial by Fel Fire to unlock the Obliterum Forge(quest was needing four different BOE sets to progress. These will sell for a TON on the AH, or crafting by yourself). The Obliterum Forge is used to destroy crafted items and get Obliterum Ash. You can get around 20-80 Obliterum Ash by obliterating one crafted item, the much Material for crafted items, the more Obliterum Ash you acquired. And it will spend one Blood of Sargeras when to destroy an item. Blood of Sargeras is bind when equipped, gained through collecting or world quests. 100 Obliterum Ash creates one Obliterum.
There is a big span of item levels in Legion. BOE crafted items may have Titan Warforged gear, which equals in item level with ilvl880 item drop from Mythic Instance. Owning an ilvl900+ item by using Obliterum to gain seven times upgrade is very helpful in early Legion raid.
It's time for Craft! Item level 880/895 Titan Warforge items add the seven times item level upgrade by Obliterum, worth expecting!

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