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Nethershard*20000 - US

Nethershard*20000 - US

1. You will get Nethershard*20000.
2. You need to provide your account.
3. Your character's item level should be 850+.
4. ETA: 1-2 days.

Tips: You can change a Relinquished token by 5000 nethershards. Relinquished Token will create a level 880-925 Broken Shore item and have a chance to grant a legendary item.


You can change Relinquished tokens by 5000 nethershards from Thaumaturge Vashreen.

The Location of Thaumaturge Vashreen in Broken Shore:

Nethershards were introduced in patch 7.0 as a reward from Legion Invasions. It comes back with the updating of patch7.2! And it has no upper limited now. But how to get it and what it can be used for in the new patch?

Nethershards can be acquired in many different ways:
1. killing normal, Elite or Rare enemies in the Broken Shore or in Legion Invasions. These monsters also have a chance to drop Nethercluster and Netherchunk, Nethercluster contains 500 Nethershards. Nethercluster can be bought with WoW Gold from AH.
2. Completing Normal or Elite Legion Invasion World Quest.
3. The Sentinax Event will drop large amount Nethershards. Loot Sentinax Beacons from nearby enemies. Those beacons can be used to cause the Sentinax to open demonic portals, which spawn more difficult creatures. Those creatures drop  Nethershards
4. Looting Wyrmtongue Chests in the Broken Shore.

Nethershards will have a lot of different uses in the Broken Shore. With it you can buy:
1. All cosmetic rewards from Armies of Legionfall, such as Nethershard Essence
2. Dauntless tokens, which are a good way to catch up if your gear is behind.
3. Relinquished token, for better items and also a way to target legendaries to a specific gear slot.
4. Transmog Weapon Arsenals for Paladins and Death Knights.
5. Extra attempts for New Challenge Appearance.
Are you fully aware of the Nethershard? It will play a very important role in the patch 7.2.

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