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Mythic+ Dungeon CLear*100(Require Average ilvl880) - US

Mythic+ Dungeon CLear*100(Require Average ilvl880) - US

1. You will get some Mythic+ Dungeon Chests and the chests have a chance to drop ilvl890+ gears.
2. You will get a bonus Chest on the next week in your Class Hall, and the gear ilvl in the Chest will be 900+.
3. Your character will be cleared 105 times for Mythic+ dungeons.
4. You should Unlock Two Mythic Dungeons: Mythic: Court of Stars and Mythic: The Arcway.
5. You need to provide your account.
6. Your character's item level should be 880+.
7. ETA: 4-7 days.

Tips: Mythic Dungeon Loot Chest is the best way to get Legendary Gear and Artifact Power, also is the best way to upgrade your average item level.


At the end of a successful run, a chest (or several chests) will appear that all players can loot. Dungeon Chest drops are taken from the loot table for the dungeon the players have completed.
At the start of the next Dungeon reset, a chest will appear in your Class Hall with loot that corresponds to the highest difficulty dungeon completed in the past week. This is based off highest clear, regardless of making the timer.
Class Hall Chest drops may be from any dungeon, including dungeons you have not yet unlocked (e.g. Court of Stars/The Arcway) or dungeons that do not have a M+ mode (e.g. Violet Hold).

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Kindly Reminder:Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

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