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Mage Tower Challenge

Mage Tower Challenge

1. Unlock a new appearance for your specified artifact weapon.
2. You need to provide your account and specify your talent when ordering.
3. Your character's item level should be 910+.
4. Your specify Artifact weapon's item level should be 910+.
5. ETA: 1 Day.

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In patch 7.2, players can unlock the new Artifact Traits by finishing the new-added questline not only, but also gain the new Artifact Appearance. Of course, you must go through many challenges to pluck the fruits of victory.
To get the new Artifact Appearance, your character needs to get to lvl110, Artifact Traits lvl35, and complete the New Artifact Traits Upper Limit  questline in 7.2.
Player will gain Legionfall War Supplies in Broken Isles quests and donate the Legionfall War Supplies to active Mage Tower. Then can take a quest which is a continuation of Order Hall Battle. You need to fight alone and combat with a powerful enemy to gain the new Artifact Appearance. In this battle, you will have a chance to test the proficiency of your class. There are 7 different challenges for different class and spec, each class's challenge is different from others. Including heal NPC, who have to take fire and protect NPC, or damage directly to kill the boss. This challenge does not require item level, but to smoothly unlock the new appearance, suggest ilvl900+.
First time accept the challenge quest, you can combat for free, but it will cost Nethershard if you failed and tried again. Nethershard used to purchase extra challenge chance. Mage Tower will only alive for three days then will be destroyed, so you must prepare everything and pay a lot of effort if you really want the challenging artifact appearance. After that, enjoy the savor of victory!
The inspiration comes from the reward weapon in the previous class questline, for example, BenedictionAnathema and Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers. You cannot do the challenge in a team but will gain the real different artifact appearance once completed the challenge.

Good luck! You will like the appearance.

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