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Loque'nahak is a rare tamable spawn with a unique metallic spotted skin. Unfortunately, it is also needed for Frostbitten.

1.You will get Loque'nahak.
2.You need to provide your account.
3.Estimated time: 1-2 Weeks.

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Spirit Beasts are a loosely-defined family of Ferocity pets in World of Warcraft. Beyond the traditional Move, Follow, Attack, and other abilities that all pets have, spirit beasts actually have some unique and cool abilities which can help you in any number of situations. Not one spirit beast is exactly like another. It has been the best friend for hunters.
Loque'Nahak is one of the 13 spirit beasts. It has a unique metallic spotted skin and a unique title under the name "Mate of Har'koa".
How can I find it? How to tame it?
You should know the time and spawning location to tame a wow hunter spirit pet. Maybe NPCscan is an invaluable resource. You can also find it by target macro. Some spirit beasts have 4-6 spawn points, hard to find it. Unfortunately, some rare monsters are also the target in achievement. Maybe it will be killed directly. Taming is really easy, but it's just patience and luck to meet it.

As a hunter loyal companion, Isn't it the first choice to own a unique spirit beast?
Tips: Be careful, if you don't want to kill the pet accidentally, please pay attention to your auto attack. Many hunters are too excited to meet the spirit beasts and killed it by accidentally. 

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