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Level 918 Restoration Shaman Full Set BOE Package

Level 918 Restoration Shaman Full Set BOE Package

1. You will get 13 pieces of BOE gears.
2. You will get Obliterum*70 and Primal Obliterum*20.
3. You could specify two random primary stats for Crafted gears.
4. We will complete the delivery by meeting you in the game or send by in-game mail.
5. ETA: 2-24 Hrs.


Professional Crafted gears can be leveled 10 times by Obliterum or Primal Obliterum. You need to prepare 20 Blood of Sargeras or 10 Primal Sargerite for each Professional Crafted gears.

Since the Artifact Weapons added in Legion, so all BOE class packages exclude for the weapon.
The BOE package ilvl is the average ilvl from all pieces of gears in this package, which does not include the artifact Weapon level.
The weapon ilvl can upgrade by the Third Slot unlock and Artifact Relics.

Tips: You can specify two random primary stats for Profession Crafted items, but it is unavailable for single stat(Such as "Of the Impatient" - Haste, if single stat specified, that is 2 Haste stats). For more information please feel free to contact our online support.

Slots Item Name ItemLevel
Head Empyrial Elemental Crown 935
Shoulder Fiendish Spaulders 935
Chest Soul-Rattle Ribcage 930
Wrist Gravenscale Armbands 900
Hands Vigilance Perch 970
Waist Pristine Moon-Wrought Clasp 930
Legs Gravenscale Leggings 900
Feets Treads of Panicked Escape 930
Cloak Imbued Silkweave Cover 900
Neck Ancient Maelstrom Amulet 900
Ring1 Dawnlight Band 900
Ring2 Prophetic Band 900
Trinket Darkmoon Deck Promises 900

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