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Leatherworking powerleveling 1-700

Leatherworking powerleveling 1-700

Leatherworking is a crafting profession which uses hides and leather gained by Skinning to craft armor, armor kits and drums.
Leatherworking is typically desired by leather-wearing classes ( Druid, Rogue) and mail-wearing classes ( Hunter, Shaman), but other players can benefit greatly from the powerful armor kits they can craft, particularly the leg armor kits which provide non-casters with the greatest possible enchant for that slot. As such, they fetch a nice price on the Auction House and are a great moneymaker for any leatherworker.

1. Your Leatherworking skill will be levelled up from 1 to 700,Complete the following Leatherworking Powerleveling:
Classic Leatherworking Powerleveling 1-300
Outland Leatherworking Powerleveling 1-75
Northrend Leatherworking Powerleveling 1-75
Cataclysm Leatherworking Powerleveling 1-75
Pandaria Leatherworking Powerleveling 1-75
Draneor Leatherworking Powerleveling 1-100
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