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Leatherworking 1-700 DIY(Level 100)

Leatherworking 1-700 DIY(Level 100)

1. You will get all materials to ensure your Leatherworking skill leveling from 1-700.
2. Your character's level should be 100.
3. We will complete the delivery with you face to face or mail it in the game.
4. ETA: 3-8 hrs.

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Comparing with earlier Expansions, some specific Professions lost its advantages. But there are still some Professions deserve to upgrade 700. And it is seductive to get Profession Pets, mounts, BOE items, and exciting toys.

As for the previous expansions, you need a lot of lower level materials which is tiny and hard to get to level profession skill. While in WOD, you can fast level some of the Professions up from 1 to 700.
Firstly, you need to find out the Profession Trainer in Stormshield or Warspear, and learn the corresponding Profession from the Trainer, then to purchase and learn scroll like [Draenor Engineering] from NPC beside. Amazingly you can find your maximum profession skill upgraded to 700, and learn similar Draenor recipes, through which you can level the Profession to 600 straightly. Create Secrets of Draenor will help gain 10 skill points, then buy a recipe from Profession trainer. Finally, you can level Profession skills to 700 by this Recipe.
Relatively speaking, this leveling process will not spend too much time, but a little bit of wow gold.

Tips: We will send you a guide which shows how to use these materials we sent, Please use the DIY materials according to our guide seriously, or all the materials probably won't be enough for you.

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Kindly Reminder:Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

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