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Jewelcrafting powerleveling 1-800

Jewelcrafting powerleveling 1-800

Jewelcrafting is an extremely valuable profession introduced in The Burning Crusade in which a player can learn to cut hundreds of different stat-boosting gems, which can be socketed into player equipment. A jewelcrafter can use Prospecting on ore gathered via Mining to extract gems of various colors. An expert jewelcrafter must complete daily quests for currency required to purchase the highest quality epic gem cut recipes in Cataclysm, although some recipes are world drops or from reputation vendors.

1. Your Jewelcrafting skill will be levelled up from 1 to 800,Complete the following Jewelcrafting Powerleveling:
Classic Jewelcrafting Powerleveling 1-300
Outland Jewelcrafting Powerleveling 1-75
Northrend Jewelcrafting Powerleveling 1-75
Cataclysm Jewelcrafting Powerleveling 1-75
Pandaria Jewelcrafting Powerleveling 1-75
Draneor Jewelcrafting Powerleveling 1-100
Legion Jewelcrafting Powerleveling 1-100
2. You need to provide your account. 
3. Your character's level should be 110.
4. ETA: 1-4 Dayss. 

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Comparing with previous patches, professions in 7.0 turned around completely. Upgrade profession is not just used WOW Gold buying WOW Materials in AH and learn the recipe from the trainer, almost profession recipes in 7.0 gained from quests. Completing quests to get the new recipe, can go head to upgrade profession skills.
But Jewelcrafting profession is still can be upgraded to lvl700 by buying old materials, after lvl700, players can take their exclusive tasks from Dalaran trainer. Then get basic recipes under the guide of the trainer, players can upgrade these recipes to three-star recipes through quest rewards, raid drops, or realm reputation exalted. When getting to Jewelcrafting profession 780, players only can upgrade the skill to 800 by 12 three-star Jewelcrafting necklace recipes. The 20 levels will spend hundreds of thousands of wow gold to buy materials and plenty of Blood of Sargeras.
Of course, players will upgrade Jewelcrafting profession for 5 levels by finishing the profession quests in Darkmoon event. Players who are not rush to level the Jewelcrafting profession may upgrade profession to 800 only though Darkmoon quests.
It is a great challenge for players who intend to collect all three-star recipes, while three-star recipes will be worth it because it considerably reduced materials required for item craft.

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Kindly Reminder:Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold.

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