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Heroic The Nighthold All Loot - WoW US

Heroic The Nighthold All Loot - WoW US

1. You will get all the master loot from the Heroic Nighthold(at least seven pieces of Gears(Lvl 885-895)). 
2. You will get the achievement Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan. 
3. You need to provide your account and specify your talent when ordered.  
4. Your character's level should be 110.
5. ETA: 1 CD. 

Tips: If you have Seal of Broken Fate, maybe you can get more gears by Seal of Broken Fate. 


The Nighthold has opened, Are you ready for long expected tier 19 sets, hellfire mount, level 870-910 wow gears and level 940 new Legendary gears?
You will get all the master loot from the Heroic Nighthold(at least seven pieces of Gears(Lvl 870-880)).  Maybe including T19, Artifact Relics , trinkets. Of course, if you have Seal of Broken Fate, it's possible to get 10 pieces of gears. Except these, what else can we get?
After Nighthold opened there will be a new Raid World Quest with rich reward. It can be completed during the raid.
If you have completed all Suramar Main Quests and Campaign Quests, you will get the quest: The Nighthold: Lord of the Shadow Council, defeat Gul'dan in The Nighthold, you will get mount Arcanist's Manasaber.
If you get legendary upgrade quest: Touch of a Titan,  you will get Essences of Aman'Thul during a raid. 50 essences can be exchanged for Distilled Titan Essence. You can use Distilled Titan Essence to upgrade 910 legendary to 940.
At the same time, the quest about two mounts Predatory Bloodgazer and Brilliant Direbeak can be completed by kill bosses in Nighthold. There are 4 mounts for this. Meanwhile, you can open the reputation of Talon's Vengeance.
Improving on History, Artifact appearance unlocks quest also can be completed in Nighthold. You will get a new artifact appearance model.
To learn about these will let you know clearly what you will get in Nighthold. You can make a plan in advance. Of course, the premise is you should have relevant Nighthold quest!

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