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Drowned Mana*100

Drowned Mana*100

Drowned Mana is a new Currency that can turned into Conjurer Margoss to obtain reputation with him. Also, Drowned Mana can purchase some items from Conjurer Margoss.

1. You will get Drowned Mana*100.
2. You need to provide your account.
3. ETA: 1-2 days.

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Players who love fishing may impress Nat Pagle. Nat Pagle always stays with us from the 60s to WoD Garrison, finally to say goodbye to us in Legion. Then Conjurer Margoss replaced him.
Players can fish up Emblem of Margoss from green pools in Dalaran's Underbelly. Using this item will teleport the player to Margoss' Retreat - he can be found next to a pond on one of Dalaran's floating islands. Conjurer Margoss will have a quest for the player to fish up Drowned Mana from the nearby pond. After completing this quest, Margoss will ask more Drowned Mana. There is no limit for Drowned Mana, but it had to be fished up from the nearby pond in Conjurer Margoss' location.
Drowned Mana had been as a currency to purchase Pet and Mount from Margoss. Players must have the Best Friends reputation with Conjurer Margoss and 100 Drowned Mana to buy Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder. Similar to Nat Pagle Reputation, Conjurer Margoss Reputation is in five stages: Pal, Buddy, Friend, Good Friend, Best Friend. And every stage needs 8400 reputation. Drowned Mana can also be turned in to Margoss in exchange for reputation. Each Drowned Mana yields 50 reputation, meaning that each stage needs 168 Drowned Mana. That is to say, you need to catch enough Drowned Mana to reach Best Friends with Margoss, then to save Drowned Mana for items exchange.
The experience of that old feeling, reminds you of Nat Pagle?

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