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Blood of Sargeras*40

Blood of Sargeras*40

1. You will get Blood of Sargeras*40.
2. Your character's level should be 110.
3. You need to provide your account.
4. Your character's PVE item level should be 830+. 
5. ETA: 1-2 days.

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Blood of Sargeras is the most precious materials in Legion, same as Savage Blood in Patch 6.0 and Felblight in Patch 6.2, almost all professions need to use it. But Blood of Sargeras now becomes to BoP. This change gives players who have two crafting professions a lot of inconveniences. 
Ilvl815 BOE itemsObliterum for item upgrading, Enchanting of Rings and Cloak, Profession crafted Mounts and more all need a lot of Blood of Sargeras. Comparing with the trade-able Savage Blood and Felblight, Blood of Sargeras is going to be even more important!
In addition to gathering Blood of Sargeras by Collecting, is there any other ways to pick it?
1: Profession specific World Quests. Legion offers a lot of World Quests from which you can acquire Artifact Power, Faction Reputation, Items and variety of rewards. At the same time, Professions also can do relevant Profession World Quests to gather 1-5 Blood of Sargeras. 
2: Enchanting Disenchant. You have a chance to get Blood of Sargeras by Disenchant rare and epic items. Alchemy's Transmute: Blood of Sargeras, has a daily cooldown.
3: Drops from dungeon bosses
4: When revered with The Wardens, you can buy  Boon of the Bloodhunter to enchant your shoulders and give you a chance of getting blood when killing mobs.
For the large demand of Blood of Sargeras, to remove your crafting Profession which accompanied you for a long time then re-level a new one, or to do dailies and dungeons to collect. What is your choice? It will be a big challenge to Crafting Professions!

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