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Battle For Azeroth Mythic 8/10 Dungeons Clear - WOW US

Battle For Azeroth Mythic 8/10 Dungeons Clear - WOW US

1. We will play your character to run 8/10 Mythic dungeons.
2. You will get some lvl400+ gears, and have the chance to get Level 400 Azerite Gear, mounts, Tidalcore.
3. You will get some Mythic Dungeon achievements.
4. You need to provide your account.
5. Your character's level should be 120.
6. ETA: 1-2 Days.

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We will completed the following 8 mythic dungeons for you:

Waycrest Manor
Shrine of the Storm
Tol Dagor
Temple of Sethraliss

The Mythic Dungeon in Patch 8.0 is the same as the previous edition which also includes Normal, Heroic and Myhtic mode. To do mythic dungeon is the fastest way to upgrade itemlevel at the beginning of the game, but the personal loot Pick-up System greatly affected the ilvl upgrade by doing Mythic Dungeons. Normally, 5-6 gears drop in a mythic run, maybe each of the team member will only get one piece of gear, or maybe not. However, the bad luck won't always be with you, you will be the lucky dog one day!

Mythic dungeon drops Ilvl340+ gears including the Azerite Gear and weapons.
Azerite Gear contains the Helm, Chest, and Shoulder. And these three pieces can only drop from Mythic dungeon and Raid. Players can unlock the different traits of the Azerite gears through Heart of Azeroth Level Upgrade. Remember that a good trait can double upgrade your character's Item level.

Besides, Mythic dungeon drops Hydrocore, a new crafted material which is equivalent to Blood of Sargeras in 110 version. All the Professions will need it. It's a pity that only one Hydrocore drops from one mythic dungeon. You have to farm the Mythic dungeons week by week to colleck the Hydrocore.

Sharkbait's Favorite Crackers

Mummified Raptor Skull

Underrot Crawg Harness
These three BFA wow mounts are also dropped from the Mythic dungeons, you can't miss them as a mount amateur!

Tips: To unlock Siege of Boralus and King's Rest, need to do Reputation and unlock Questline, or you cannot enter these two dungeons, which also means you cannot complete the Glory of the Wartorn Hero.

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