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Artifact Trait Total Ranks 1-54

Artifact Trait Total Ranks 1-54

Artifact traits are special abilities that unlock your Artifact weapon. Each Trait requires an amount of Artifact Power to activate, and as you unlock Traits on the same weapon, subsequent Traits need more Artifact Power to activate.

1. Your main Artifact weapon's trait ranks will reach to 54.
2. You need to provide your account. 
3. Your character's level should be 110.
4. ETA: 2-3 Weeks. 

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Artifact Trait is a talent tree of Artifact. Each Artifact has it's trait and route trend. You can be active Artifact Trait with Artifact Power. Every Artifact Trait will increase stamina and damage at a certain proportion.
There are totally 55 points Artifact Trait, 1 point is the initial trait, 3 points is the primary trait, 31 points is the secondary trait, and 20 points is bonus trait. The trait points will increase your damage. Some belong to the active skills; some belong to the passive talent. Every artifact talent including nine Rank 3 and three Rank 1 artifact traits. Rank 3 artifact traits are all with real data ascension, while Rank 1 traits are only with a special effect but no real date ascension. It needs millions of Artifact power to lighten all 55 trait points, also will spend 3-4 months on it. 
You must follow the route trend of Trait Tree to active Artifact Trait. So it is important to project and choose your path along the Trait Tree when active Artifact Trait. Although you will finally lighten all traits, an optimized path will make it convenient. Also, please be careful to lighten Traits and make a plan to avoid wasting Artifact Power, since it will cost plenty of Artifact Power to correct your path if you make a mistake.
It is a long time to collect Artifact Power and active Artifact Traits. The day you active all Artifact Traits, you will own your superior Artifact!

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